About Us

Welcome to MaterialsKit!

MaterialsKit is a research and development group firmly committed to being a professional advocator in Computational Materials Science & Engineering. We mainly works in the crossing area of material science, fluid mechanics and computational technology, focusing on the application of new numerical methods and technologies that can positively improve the understanding of microstructure formation and materials processes.

MaterialsKit is concentrating on the modeling and simulation of phase transformations, as well as chemical reactions, surface reactions, nucleation, particle growth and dissolution, multicomponent and multiphase flows, nano-particle behavior in a variety of fields, etc., in certain materials processes. We continuously develops mathematical models and numerical methods in order to create new, better and superior software tools for technical calculations in scientific research and engineering application. 

MaterialsKit's latest computational technologies will provide time saving and cost efficient resolutions with notable advantages for your scientific research rather than only by exprimental studies. With a large and growing number international user and cooperator base, MaterialsKit looks forward to providing our customers and cooperators with tools which will serve the scientific and engineering communities.